Our Approach

Our Approach

Real People, Real Life, Making Real Health Choices!

My philosophy: Through consults, I assist others in achieving their best health by understanding  and identifying where they are in their unique life journey! My plans, programs and recommendations are entirely inclusive - vibrant health comes in many shapes, ages and sizes.

Life can be unpredictable -  Caring for our bodies through the changes we experience doesn't need to be. NUTRITION, Digestion, Absorption and Elimination are the corner stones of Health.

Be educated - Be empowered - Our bodies are a miracle!

Our Story

Our Story

My Passion for studying and practicing Holistic approaches to Health and Wellness began when I was quite young and has been shaped by a wide array of life experiences, both personal and those of others.

My husband of 35 years, is my best friend and my rock.

Health issues experienced by our children when young, were the intriguing impetus for my ongoing journey of educational opportunities. To learn and discover the amazing ability of our bodies to re-balance/alleviate certain conditions through nutritional and supplemental approaches was an eye opener to say the least!

Committing to reach out to empower and inspire others to embrace proactive and preventive approaches to achieve optimal health and wellness - that was my eventual response to a devastating loss.

The catalyst for my "late blooming" was the encouragement of my dear sister Cathie (see above photo with us together). 5 years younger than me, it has now been 5 years  (Feb.28/18), since she passed away due to colon cancer at the age of 43. Always encouraging me in my dreams and talents, I began to formalize my education and gained my Natural Nutritional Consulting Practitioner Diploma and am continuing on in my knowledge quest as the more I learn, the more I want to know!

The wisdom and blessings of the universe choose the exact right time for my life to be enriched by my three grandchildren - like my own children, they delight and inspire more than they could ever know.

I have been a Natural Health Consultant for over 25 years. My clients have given me amazing insight and experience along with the opportunity to educate and empower individuals to take charge of their health and tap into their innate wisdom.

Choose the people you trust with your health carefully - we need to be respected, trusted and validated when our bodies are symptomatic and trying to get our attention! Symptoms are our individual puzzle pieces - guides and clues to our unique physiology and the dis-ease we may be experiencing.

Holistic and Nutritional approaches look at whole health and lifestyle - they embrace Food as medicine first, Supplements second and empower you to incorporate the necessary lifestyle changes that can help you discover your best you!

This is my passion, this my commitment - this is down to earth, tree hugging, nature loving, rainbow seeking me!

My blogs will help you to get to know me better and I look forward to getting to know you!

Barb Pic

Barb Anstead NNCP

Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioner


Helping others discover and maintain their maximum potential for vibrant health and wellness through whole health approaches is more than just my passion - it is my true purpose and shapes who I am.

Time in nature is critical for me to stay  balanced and grounded.


My Family

My Support and Inspiration Team

My "A" Team - My Family - The sum of our experiences, life's bumps and bruises on this amazing journey - these are the people I have learned from and leaned on the most.


My Grandchildren

Living Life in the Moment Team

These three are an endless source of joy and inspiration to me and keep me young in mind, body and spirit.

Remembering to live life in the moment, beautiful reminders that time and life fly by but Life is not an Emergency.

Slow down, Ask Questions - about everything , Examine everything in detail, Love Unconditionally - with all of your being.

Interested in Discovering Your Best You?

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Disclaimer: Content matter on this site is for informational use only, it is not intended to replace other treatments, cure or treat disease. Always seek advice from your Physician before beginning any new program.

Holistic Nutritionist's recognize that our bodies function as a whole and that true health encompasses a balance and interconnection between each and all of it's functions.