Your Fall Tune Up Team

Analogies can be a very powerful learning tool. For over 25 years, I have found this to be especially true when educating my clients about the powerful impact of preventative and maintenance strategies for long term health in regard to nutrition and lifestyle.
Equate yourself to a vehicle – whether you are economy, utility, classic or sporty, the premise is the same – as Canadians we know the importance of proper preventative, maintenance for these investments because we rely on them.
So what do we need for our own Fall Tune Up Program? :
Premium Quality Fuel: Provide your body with excellent quality, nutrient dense food supporting it with the building blocks and energy required for all of its structures and functions. As fresh local foods become less available, opt for frozen fruits and vegetables to maintain nutritional value. Sodium, sugar and other less desirable additives are easily avoided this way. Carbohydrate sources should be wholegrain and unprocessed for healthy intestinal function cholesterol and blood sugar control.
Check your Oil: Think Lubrication! Omega 3,6 and 9 Fatty acids come from many healthy sources- Flax and Hempseed, Olive oil and Fish oils, nuts and seeds are just a few of the healthy lipids/fats we require. High quality fats assist utilization and absorption of nutrients and antioxidants for your brain/memory/mood, cardiovascular system, joint health, and more. Omega 3 specifically, reduces overall inflammation. (nuts and seeds can be ground into nut butters for those with difficulty chewing)
Fluids: Cold weather is very dehydrating – water is critical for our bodies and plays a huge role in the transport and absorption of nutrients as well as releasing toxins and enabling cellular exchanges and processes. Our skin is more youthful with proper hydration and we need it for proper elimination. Warming beverages and broths can add nutrients along with comfort!
Change your tires: Appropriate footwear is a must to prevent slip and fall accidents! Traction can be an issue in our climate – be wise about weather conditions to prevent the complications of a nasty fall. If balance is an issue, there are many helpful aids to keep you safe. (check your indoor space- mats, rugs and furnishings can be trip hazards too) Tai Chi and Yoga are some of the wonderful supportive activities we can do to maintain balance and core strength. The importance of movement is huge – staying mobile keeps us from seizing up too!
Lighting: As our daylight hours become shorter , many types of lighting options are available. Opt for full spectrum lighting when possible – mood disorders are common during the winter months. Better lighting may improve alertness and it certainly improves visibility for safety in and out of the home. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 can be very helpful as well.
Clean, Buff and Wax: Protect your skin! Dry, cracked, damaged, itchy skin is easily infected and damaged. Those with Diabetes or on blood thinners etc, are vulnerable to infection due to compromised healing abilities. Proper hygiene and moistening the skin with good quality lotions and creams are great protection and are also good for circulation! Have any suspicious ” rust” spots checked by a professional!
While I’m clearly not a mechanic, I hope this concept has enlightened you and peaked your interest. Diagnostics and repair work are expensive and time consuming. Maintain now and prevent becoming an old clunker. Come in or schedule a Tune Up with us to determine your unique needs.
Please check with your health care provider before beginning new supplements or activities, especially if on prescription medications.