Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a weekend warrior, most people are antsy to get out and savour Spring – yes it is officially here despite the erratic weather!
For maximum enjoyment and health, it’s important to remember our bodies require maintenance and tune ups every bit as much as our vehicles!
At Dover Apothecary, Pharmacist Michael Marini and Natural Health Consultant Barb Anstead, are dedicated to educating clients and assisting them in optimizing and improving their overall health. Please come in or call 519-583-3784 to arrange a time to speak with us.
Increased activity requires boosting your level of nutrients. Improvements in nutritional food intake as well as appropriate supplements can provide the beneficial tools we need to enjoy the extra activity year round.
Support your body by providing adequate levels of:
Vitamin D- We recommend 2000 IU year round as it plays a key role in bone health, mood and immune support etc.
Omega 3- (choose from wild fish or organic plant sources such as hemp or flaxseed) these are naturally helpful in regulating and reducing inflammation and can help protect the brain, heart and joints to name just a few benefits.
Anti-oxidants – Norfolk’s bounty of fresh local produce ( leafy greens, colourful berries, veggies and fruit and herbs), can boost the levels of these highly valuable age defying and disease preventative nutrients. Check out www.choosemyplate.gov to find some excellent info and resources on nutrition and food choices!
Turmeric- make this a steady part of your diet either through supplement or food. Look for products with a high curcuminoid content as evidence supports a high concentration of this component to be most effective compound for reduction of pain and inflammation. Absorption of this super Anti-oxidant boosting product is enhanced by taking it with omega 3 and black pepper (bioperine).
Glucosamine, chondroiton and collagen are beneficial raw materials to support the lubrication and integrity of our joint health. Whether raking the lawn, hiking or biking the trails, you’ll be grateful to have the necessary tools to reduce aches and pains and minimize the potential for degenerative conditions!
Stay hydrated!!! 60% of the adult human body consists of water. Our ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxins is drastically affected by proper hydration of good quality, clean water. Dehydration is all too often overlooked as a major factor in many chronic health conditions and should be taken into consideration as an important factor in our daily good health practices. Cheers to vibrant health!