Nutritional Consultation Appointments

The Main Services Provided Include the Following:

a)Document client's goals, needs and plans

b)Evaluate client's food selection, preparation and intake

c)Evaluate client's lifestyle and overall feeling of well-being

d)Evaluate client's use of dietary supplements

e)Identify client's nutritional imbalance(s) and lifestyle habits

f)Work with other health care professionals,  if applicable, in order to determine all nutritional and life-changing needs of the client, including referring the client to other health care professionals as deemed appropriate

g)Support the progress of client's health goals by creating an individualized wellness program which will include the use of whole,nutrient-dense food; menu plans; natural source supplements; and lifestyle modifications; including the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly household/personal products

h)Provide further guidance to the client, if necessary, by explaining food labels, and by offering food preparation techniques and shopping tips

i)Guide client in the implementation of a long-term personal health plan, provide education when necessary, and offer ongoing assessments

j)Monitor client's personal health plan in order to reinforce participation in the achievement of the health goals

k)Act a a community educator to the public and to other health care professionals by developing curriculum, preparing manuals, writing articles, publishing books, and teaching

l)Promote health discussions in schools, industry and community agencies

m)Bring holistic nutrition knowledge, principles and philosophy to other professions

Classes and Webinars

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Integrative Health Approaches

As North Americans, a very wide sector of the population will currently be using prescription medications.

Your primary Physician or Specialist has prescribed these products with your health and well being at the forefront. Given the critical demands on their time and expertise, they are often unable to give their patients the information and devoted time they would like to in regard to health choices and lifestyle decisions.

As a Nutritional Counselor, I am specifically trained to assist my clients by assessing and educating them in their unique needs thereby navigating  with confidence through these important decisions and adjustments they may need to make to improve their overall health.

Supplements may be specifically required due to nutrient depletion or contraindicated depending on any prescription medications prescribed.

With over 25 years of experience in this area, I am able to guide my clients to quality, safe and effective products - at the correct dose and timing.

Much of my field of experience has been dedicated to Building a Bridge between both Allopathic and Integrative Therapies to provide the best outcome for my clients.

Natural does not automatically mean safe and the combination of prescription and natural products is an area to be explored by a sound, educated approach.

TrueView Patient Screening Tool

TrueView is one of many tools and services available to my clients outside of their initial consult.

Body System Function, Chemicals & Toxicity and Nutritional Status are some of the focal points of this unique and helpful resource tool.

More details to follow soon.

Fullscript Supplement Service

High quality, nutritional and therapeutic supplements can be ordered in the comfort of your home and delivered right to your door through the Fullscript service!

More details on this exceptional service coming soon!

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