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About Holistic Nutritionists:

Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners
Code of Ethics
1. Natural Nutritionists conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and fairness.
2. Natural Nutritionists practice safely, competently and legally.
3. Natural Nutritionist educate clients and promote vibrant health through natural
eating and the use of natural supplements and healthy lifestyle choices.
4. Natural Nutritionist do not diagnose diseases, dysfunctions or disorders.
5. Natural Nutritionist do not treat diseases, dysfunctions or disorders, nor provide
therapy to relieve illness.
6. Natural Nutritionists do not perform any medical intervention including tissue
penetration, radiation, collection of human specimens or medical instrumentation.
7. Natural Nutritionists respect the client’s right to make choices.
8. Natural Nutritionists place the client’s best interests as their primary obligation.
9. Natural Nutritionists respect the values and abilities of colleagues and other
members of the client’s professional team, and never recommends that anyone
discontinue seeing a medical doctor or discontinue taking medications.
10. Natural Nutritionists respect confidentiality and privacyThis is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.


Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners
Standards of Practice
Standard 1 A Natural Nutritionist assumes accountability and responsibility in the
provision of competent, safe, ethical and professional practice.
Standard 2 A Natural Nutritionist communicates and interacts clearly and effectively with
individuals and groups.
Standard 3 A Natural Nutritionist applies current research and best practice findings
when delivering services.
Standard 4 A Natural Nutritionist practicing in the area of direct client care effectively
provides services to achieve appropriate goals.
Standard 5 A Natural Nutritionist practicing in the area of community and population
health effectively provides food and nutrition initiatives that meet the needs of individuals
and communities.