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Barb Anstead NNCP

As a Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioner, I am passionate about empowering and educating individuals to understand that health and wellness are in our nature.

Holistic health embraces all facets of our life. Seeing the body “as a whole” and recognizing that we are uniquely affected by all things - whether physical, mental or emotional, we will experience a cellular response affecting our entire being. Symptoms are signals that our body is out of balance!

Digestive health is at the core of all health conditions – science has finally made strides to understand what Hippocrates recognized 2500 years ago!

I welcome you to join me in attaining better health for you and your loved ones.

Digestive health and dis-ease are all connected to our ability to absorb nutrient dense foods.

Whether you have digestive or bowel difficulties, immune dysfunction, inflammatory or acidic conditions, mood or emotional issues, low energy, fatigue, chronic health complaints or skin disorders, we must “Go with our Gut” first.

Supplying our body with food as “Fuel” first, and as fun in moderation and balance will supply your body with the appropriate tools at the cellular level.

Discover your foundational health with me and then “build the temple” you deserve to live in.









Need an Event speaker?

I am available for speaking events on a wide variety of health and nutrition related topics.

Events will be tailored to the needs of your guests or corporation.

For more information and inquiries please contact me.

*Prices will vary according to hand out materials, specific requests, travel distance and length of event etc.


Basic Plan – $125


Initial Consult: 90 minutes

(complete review of health history, primary health concerns, nutrition and lifestyle factors with intake form)

*add in option #1: Custom Meal Plan $75 per week

*add in option #2: Nutrient Status Screening Assessment $35

Save $10. And get all 3 for $225


3 Visit Plan – $325


1x 90 minute initial consult

2x 30 minute follow up sessions

1 Nutrient Status Assessment + 1 Organ System Assessment

1 week Customized Meal Plan

3x 15 minute weekly support calls


3 month lifestyle empowering plan - $875


1x 90 minute initial consult

3x 45 minute follow up sessions

Weekly 15 minute check in/support calls

Full Assessment package: Nutrient Status, Organ System Assessment, Chemical/Toxicity Assessment and Review

14 recipes per month (grocery shopping list available), customized to your goals with meal planning guidance


6 month health transformation Package - $1550

1x 90 minute Initial Consult

5x 45 minute follow up sessions

Weekly 15 minute check in/support calls

Full Assessment package: Nutrient, Organ System and Chemical Toxicity Assessments (used to determine initial overall health challenges)


Reassessment of full package above after 3 months to re-evaluate status of your progress and health/lifestyle changes implemented

1x 60 minute food preparation/label reading/portion size/nutrient density session

21 recipes per month (grocery shopping list available), customized to support your goals and successful transformation




Please see my website or face book page for class schedules.

Prices will vary according to course length, content and supplies.

*Current clients will receive a $10 discount on class registration fees where applicable



Are Services Covered By Insurance Providers?

Some providers do cover the services of Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioners - you will need to contact your individual provider for plan details.

E-transfer &PayPal are available.

Consults are available in office, or by phone at this time.