An Ounce of Prevention….

April is Cancer Month – As North Americans, it is highly likely that you will have some sort of personal connection to someone experiencing this particular journey.
Few words evoke the powerful, emotional impact of the big “C” – there are still so many unknowns despite all of the research and the advances made in allopathic approaches. FEAR of the unknown, can either launch as into action or immobilize us causing a crippling cascade of stress hormones. Regardless of the health condition, stress hormones can compound inflammation and destructive processes.
So what can we do?
Taking an aggressive and empowered stance by understanding our genetic predispositions can give us an educated and empowered direction to take in regard to nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental strategies and keep out immune systems in optimal shape. We can do our best to regulate our bodies at the cellular level to maintain a strong and vigilant immune system. Our Genetic predispositions Do Not automatically give you a pair of cement shoes and row you out on the lake….- it is empowering information to have on your side. Educating yourself, implementing appropriate lifestyle and nutritional strategies along with timely checkups and a good health care team, give you the best edge – against any dis-ease.
This is the premise behind Holistic approaches. They are firmly based in preventive and proactive modalities – with any chronic form of dis-ease within the body, An Ounce of Prevention is most certainly an easier route than the Pound of Cure.
My personal connection, and much of my drive and inspiration to continue my education, is my sister Cathie. 5 years younger than me, just over 5 years ago, Cathie passed way with Colon Cancer. Initially misdiagnosed, I push people to listen to their bodies – no one knows your body like you do. Subtle, unexplained changes warrant investigation. Advocate for yourself and make sure you have a health care team that listens and respects your concerns and observations.